Keeping up

a catch all place where i talk about how i manage life - or how i attempt to.


a Magical girl nursery

I wanted to create a space for Deetz that was safe, inspiring and magical. I didn’t want it to be so much a “nursery” as a room that she could grow into. Similar to wedding planning, I went into the process with ideas about what I wanted (a glider, a fancy crib, stars everywhere, a solid theme) and then over the next few months, tossed all my expectations.


BMA Maternity Photo Shoot

I had gone back and forth on the idea of maternity photos. I was caught between feeling like they were super cliché and crying over how sweet the moments captured were. (Pregnancy hormones are a roller coaster, I’m telling you!) I explained all my fears to Merm, my wonderful friend and photographer, and she assured me that we could make something work.


What's This?

I don’t think I can call it a rebrand anymore. I’m not really in a place where I feel like I'm branding myself at all. I’m just trying to make it out of bed each morning, through the day and back to bed at night. I’m trying to manage everything in between – a baby, a full time job, a relationship with my husband, a rotating wardrobe. One thing I do know, one thing that hasn’t changed, is that I like to write. It helps me to write down my thoughts and feelings, and I enjoy looking back on everything and seeing the developments and changes of my life.